A unique collection of Microsoft® Access Templates & Databases

Metric Tracking Database Template

This Metric Tracking Database template developed with Microsoft Access 2010 defines the set of main metrics that upshot your business, make an invite-email that requests every team store their details, and take benefit of a set of rebuilt reports to keep track your improvement. This template is awesome if you have an integrated set of metrics that teams require to …

Lending Library Template

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You can build a lending library database to track of your assets and who has checked out them. It is a quick and dirty method to keep track your fixed-assets without a sophisticated database, then this template can be an enormously useful tool. Use this template to store valuable asset-related information, including:
• Common asset information (Asset name, description, status, location, …

Commercial Real Estate Template

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This Commercial Real Estate Template has many features in Marketing. With this template you can easily and quickly create marketing materials for your real-estate business. It is designed specially with the real-estate marketer in mind, providing you faithfully what you require. It create a convincing set of marketing-materials – wins more listings, budge more property & set aside more time …

Customer Service Template

You can build a customer-service database with this Customer Service Template created with MS Access 2007. It can organize problems or issues with your customers, and keep track how and how promptly—the problems are being set-on.
This template is essential for any company that wants to be victorious needs to offer good customer-service.
This Customer Service Template is vital that make customers …

Order Management Database Template

You can manage all features of your customer’s orders with this Order Management Database Template. It keeps track customers, payment methods, order details, products and transport methods. You can view orders, make invoice or receipt and shipment-records for sales-orders and issue credit memos for customers.
Using this Order Management Database Template, customers can reorder preceding orders from account. You can create …